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Having a Hard Time? Don’t Compare Yourself to Others During Your Job Search


You know someone who found a great job in a week. But you’ve been looking for the last six months. What’s wrong with you? Chances are, nothing. It’s entirely possible that your strategy needs help, but that’s why there is help here, and of course, not ...

Tips for Responding to Illegal or Inappropriate Job Interview Questions

eyes closed.jpg

As you might expect, not all interviewers have taken the time to parse the regulations that govern their behavior. Most of them have the obvious missteps under control, so you are unlikely to find interviewers asking direct questions about your racial identity or religious affiliation.That leaves plenty of room ...

Who Moved Your Parachute? Job Search Advice from the Trenches

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My conclusions about job search strategies come from years of experience with hiring managers, HR professionals, recruiters and from my own career changes: journalist to project manager to researcher to author to communications professional. They are conclusions drawn from years of helping applicants—at every level and in many different ...

The Black Hole in the Hiring Galaxy

The Only Job Search Guide You'll Ever Need

Why do you receive no response at all when you apply? One part of the job search that almost all applicants find brutally frustrating is the failure of employers to offer any response at all. As it turns out, that failure doesn’t just happen at the beginning of the ...

Complementary Skills Matter in the Job Search

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Provide Extra Skills in your Resume to Impress No matter how great you are, you want to get better. Improving is key to a successful career. Learning new skills is an essential part of improvement. Want some proof? Ben Franklin was always learning and taught himself Italian, French and Latin ...

Come Together: Tips About LinkedIn Groups

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Profiles and connections are what most of us know best about LinkedIn. But there’s a third feature I recommend paying attention to: LinkedIn Groups.Groups are almost a parallel universe within LinkedIn. They can open doors completely outside the structure of first- and second-degree connections.There are regulars and ...

Hey, why is your LinkedIn profile looking all spiffy these days?

Crossing Borders

LinkedIn, beyond the job searchSome job search expert is telling you that you need to update and optimize your LinkedIn profile. (I am telling you this.) “But wait,” you say. “I have a job, and I’ve had the same half-baked LinkedIn profile since I joined the site. I may ...

Best Practice in the Job Search: The Essence of Your Resume


Writing with Power Nothing says “I will get results” better than a history of getting results.The essence of your resume is not the responsibilities you had; the essence is what you achieved. Depart briefly from the standard format—a reverse chronology of experience followed by education—and open with ...

Describe Yourself in Your LinkedIn Profile for the Job You Want, Not the Jobs You Had

Man with

Your LinkedIn profile is an essential job search tool to attract companies. You want your resume and your LinkedIn profile to tell a consistent story. However, while you can modify your resume for each job that you apply to, your LinkedIn profile remains constant.That’s why it is so ...

LinkedIn: Don’t Underestimate its Value to the Job Search


Updating and improving your LinkedIn profile should be at the top of your career improvement resolution list. So should learning to use LinkedIns useful features. Let me explain.Do you want recruiters to find you? They will find you if you have a stand-out LinkedIn profile. Recruiters are spending millions ...

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