Career Coaching

Career Coaching from Shimmering Careers helps you:

  • clarify your goals
  • network more effectively
  • stick to a career strategy that delivers results
  • win the recognition and pay you deserve

When you select an Elite plan, career expert Paul Freiberger will be by your side as your personal Career Coach throughout your entire job search.

career coaching

Goal-Setting Strategies that Work

Because Paul knows the right questions to pinpoint what matters most to you, he can help you become laser-focused on your career goals. Using a career coaching system he has developed, Paul will work with you to create a strategy to achieve your short- and long-term objectives.

A key element of Paul’s career coaching system is to help you set achievable interim goals along the way. This means you quickly experience the rewards of success, which establishes momentum that will drive you to your ultimate goal. And with Paul as your accountability partner, you will not lose focus or let other priorities get in the way.

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A Better Approach to Networking

Using Paul’s method, your job search is more than just sending out resumes to job postings – it is a total assertive networking approach. Paul’s career coaching method works whether or not you’re an extrovert, because you won’t have to make cold calls, and you won’t have to be a great salesperson. Paul will show you special techniques for leveraging and building your current network to turn it into your job search team.

Every person’s career is different, so your career coaching will be tailored precisely to your needs. But as a guide, at each career stage, this is the focus of Paul’s coaching:

Executive Career Coaching

Executives often face a unique challenge as they prepare to make the next advancement in their career: the high demands of life in the C-suite may have left little time for things like maintaining a network, regularly updating a resume or staying abreast of the latest job search tools. This is where Paul Freiberger comes in with his career coaching. Paul develops breakthrough strategies to help top-tier executives move into better, more-rewarding roles faster.View service & pricing for Executive career coaching package.

Professional Career Coaching

Paul will help you develop a plan to find a role where you are appreciated, get to use your skills fully, and receive the recognition, pay and benefits you deserve. His ongoing support and career coaching has benefited professionals who:

  • are ready to step up to greater challenges
  • are in a job that’s unfulfilling
  • don’t like their workplace
  • aren’t advancing as quickly as they should be
  • are between jobs

If you’re ready for a change but don’t know what you want to do, Paul will help identify the best career for you. He can even link you up with professionals in his extensive network who already work in fields that interest you and can answer your questions about those careers. Then, together with Paul, you’ll identify skills you currently have that are valuable to employers in your desired new career, and execute a transition strategy. View service & pricing for Professional career coaching package.

Entry-Level Career Coaching

As a new graduate, you may have many career options to choose from. Which one is best for you? And what’s the fastest, most effective way to get your foot in the door? Through your discussions and coaching with Paul, you will come to a better understanding of your strongest skills, what you love to do and what you’ve already achieved that makes you desirable to employers. Informed by this knowledge, Paul will guide you through a step-by-step process to narrow down your list of career options.

Then Paul can help you connect with people who already work in fields that interest you so that you can conduct informational interviews, in which you’ll get to ask them what their jobs are like. Paul will show you how to get the most out of these interviews and evaluate what you’ve learned in order to refine your career choices. And then he will guide you through a career coaching strategy to put you on track for a rewarding and exciting career.View service & pricing for Entry-Level career coaching package.

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