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A Shimmering Careers professional resume brings you:

  • more interviews
  • more opportunities
  • a better job
  • more money

On average, an employer spends just moments looking at your resume to decide if you’re worthy of consideration. To succeed, you must stand out at first glance – and when you have a Shimmering Careers professional resume, employers will know right away that they need to talk to you. That’s because your professional resume will communicate immediately that you are someone who always makes a difference in an organization.

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What makes a Shimmering Careers professional resume so powerful? While other resume services may just take your old resume and tweak it here and there, Paul Freiberger gets to know you in order to develop a new custom, professional resume. He asks the right questions about your background, education, career, accomplishments and goals. From your answers, he identifies the assets you offer employers – assets that you may be struggling to put into words, or may not even be aware you possess. Frequently, Paul’s clients are amazed by his ability to find previously overlooked gems in their career histories.

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Aligned with Employers’ Needs

To be selected for an interview, it’s crucial that when employers read your resume, they can immediately connect your background with your career goals and the role that’s on offer. Paul takes the time to understand you, giving him the insight to create a professional resume that aligns your experience and career path with the employer’s needs.

The result is a resume that is so much more than a list of your achievements. It’s a compelling case for why an employer needs you. It is an impeccably professional document that shows you’re confident about what you bring to the table. 

The Financial Rewards

A Shimmering Careers professional resume brings with it a lifetime of benefits. By launching you on a higher career path with greater financial rewards, over time it can potentially mean hundreds of thousands more dollars in your bank account. And by opening up new doors for you, it could mean the difference between marking time in a job, and creating a meaningful and fulfilling career. 

Experience, Knowledge and Proven Results

“Cookie cutter” resume writers use one-size-fits-all templates and offshore help. They might even get a struggling writer or college student to compose one of the most important documents of your life. An award-winning professional resume writer and career expert and coach with a superior track record, Paul Freiberger brings insight and attention to detail to your resume writing, catapulting you far ahead of your competition.

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