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New Year's Ascent: Shimmering Careers in Leonardo's Light

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

As the new year unfolds its light, Envision careers in Leonardo's sight, Data Scientists, crafting art, In tech's canvas, play your part, In a future ever so bright.Guardians of cyberspace, with care, Secure our data, rare and fair, UX Designers weave the thread, Where digital dreams are bred, In ...

Should You Add a Dash of Rizz to Your Resume?

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Ah, the ever-evolving English language! Just when you thought your resume was polished to perfection with action verbs and quantifiable achievements, along comes "rizz" – the Oxford Word of the Year for 2023, originally coined by a Twitch streamer.For those of you who've been too busy tailoring your cover letters ...

The Power of Good Questions in the Job Interview and Your Job Search

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

Growing up in a household where my mother, an accomplished scientist, often emphasized the value of curiosity, I remember her sage advice: "Curiosity is a sign of intelligence," she would say. She emphasized that by asking good questions, you not only demonstrate your intelligence but also convey your genuine ...

Crafting an Effective Resume: Unleash Your Inner Beatle with a Core Competencies Section

Photo by Fedor on Unsplash

Imagine Sir Paul McCartney, the legendary musician and former member of The Beatles, pursuing a role as a Music Director. How can he quickly demonstrate his expertise in his resume? One effective strategy for Sir Paul is to include an impressive Core Competencies section near the top of his resume ...

Pawsitive Job Search Vibes

Photo by Tamas Pap on Unsplash

I’ve seen all sorts of creative ways people try to get ahead in their job search. I’ve seen people dive into unusual hobbies like beekeeping, volunteering in their community to meet new people, and even studying a new language to stand out to employers.One of the most ...

Find a Green Job and Help the Planet

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Creating a Sustainable Career PathAs a career coach, I’ve seen a trend. More new grads are coming to me for advice on finding green jobs. It’s not just new grads. Many seasoned professionals are also exploring transitions to greener jobs.I’m delighted to help anyone excited about ...

Revamping Your Resume for a Career Change: The Power of Transferable Skills

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

This year, I’ve been working a growing number of clients who are actively considering or already in the midst of changing careers. If you are contemplating such a shift, rest assured, you’re not alone. Career transitions are a normal part of the professional journey.When writing a resume ...

The Manager’s Adaptability Edge: An Overlooked but Essential Trait

Photo by Michael Held on Unsplash

This week LinkedIn published the results of a survey from a company post that asked readers about the “trait you value in a manager.” The winner was “Clear Communication” and coming in second was “Empathy.” However, one key trait was missing from the poll that is an essential quality for ...

Yes, Cover Letters Matter!

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

Do cover letters really matter? It’s a common refrain from job seekers nowadays.One small-business owner has this to say: “As the owner-manager of a small professional firm, I always read cover letters before reviewing the accompanying resume.“If I liked the cover letter, I’d look to the ...

Active Listening to Improve Job Interview Success

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

While preparing people for job interviews, I emphasize that it's not just how you answer and using your professional resume to prepare answers but also how you listen that can get you the job.“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” — Ernest HemingwayIn the workplace, active listening lets ...

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