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Your Networking Secret Weapon - Informational Interviews

Job Interview Preparation for Informational Interview

Career Counseling Specialist on How Informational Interviewing Boosts Your Career Opportunities Informational Interviewing - What It Is, How To Do It and Why It Works For many, mentioning the word interview results in sweaty palms and an anxiety bubble the size of Texas, and for good reason. Within the confines of ...

How New College Grads Should Go About The Bay Area Job Search Process

Bay Area Career Coaching for New College Graduates

Career Coaching Specialist's Advice for New College GraduatesStaying afloat. Essential job hunt survival guide tips for new grads It’s finally happened. The accumulation of years of sleep deprivation, stress and navigating the halls of higher learning has come to an end. You’ll soon be trading lecture auditoriums ...

Focus Your Resume for the Best Bay Area Job Search Success

Bay Area Career Coaching Expert Job Search Strategy

Resume writing is a necessary evil throughout all industries. Whether searching for an executive-level position or a part-time gig at the local eatery, the resume leverages your experience as it relates to the desired position. Sounds easy, right? Well, as millions of job hunters experience, detailing previous experience and education ...

Salary Negotiation Tips: How to Ask for a Raise and Get It

Bay Area Salary Negotiation Advice

Bay Area Salary Negotiation and Career Coaching Expert's AdviceMaking sure you are compensated fairly for your hard work is essential in the employment marketplace. Asking for a raise, however, can be intimidating. Establishing a game plan before you head to your supervisor’s office can help you approach salary ...

The Best Professional Resumes Include Mentoring as a Core Skill

Bay Area career coaching and career planning advice

Mentoring is a Core Competency That Belongs on Your Best Professional Resume. Today, mentorship still plays a vital role in today's corporate environment, but its importance is often underrated or poorly understood. Increasingly, companies value mentoring programs and realize that mentoring is a skill that can help business.  A ...

Sales and Relationships: Qualities for the Successful Sales Resume and Your Best Resume

How to Write a Resume for Sales Professional Career

I work with sales people in many industries. At the mention of the word “sales” many think of nothing more than a monetary transaction or the process of trading a product or service for money. I’ve learned that salespeople deserve deeper thinking. While the transaction is a part of ...

Ready to Ask for a Raise? Don’t Sell Yourself Short. Attend the Shimmering Careers Webinar

Are You Considering Salary Negotiation with Your Bay Area Employer?What if you could make more money and get better benefits? Would you look for a new job? Not always. There’s more to a job than salary. But what if you could make more money without changing jobs? Who ...

How to Adjust When the Job Search Seems Hopeless

Bay Area Career Counseling

Career Coaching Expert Recommendations to Build Confidence, Overcome Rejection. The Job Market Will Respond.You’re not alone. Everyone taking on an executive job search winds up in this windless sea at one time or another. Don’t criticize yourself or blame other people. The stasis may not really be ...

Take Small Steps for Bay Area Job Search Success

Job Search Expert Advice - Small Steps in Career Planning Add UpFocusing on the big picture of the executive job search alone is a wonderful way to nurture procrastination. It’s not the best way to do your job search. When you’re faced with a big project break things into ...

The Shoebox Approach to Creating My Professional Resume

Resume Writing for Sales Professionals

How to Start Writing a Dynamic Job Search DocumentGetting your resume ready for a job search can be a daunting task. You will wonder about the ideal length of a resume, whether to use a functional resume approach or a chronological approach. If you’re writing an executive resume and ...

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