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As you advance through your career, your needs and goals change, so we offer three tiers of services to choose from:


Career Services

New Graduates, Up to 2 years' Experience

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You are starting out your career, you recently graduated from college, or you are about to graduate.


Career Services

Professionals, Managers, Career Changers

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You have experience, and you want to advance in your field or transition to a new career.


Career Services

Executives, Leaders, Decision Makers

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You are a Vice President or C-level executive ready to make an even greater difference.
My experience with Shimmering Resumes was exceptional and helped my career.
jen testimonial
The best professional resume service and I’ve used several during my career!
Testimonials Amy
I very much appreciated working with Paul at Shimmering Careers.
Paul wrote the most amazing resume for me and I would recommend him to everyone.
joes testimonial
Job search is a stressful activity and Paul helped me stay calm and focused.
testimonials mark r
Just by answering a few questions and by giving him access to my present resume Paul was able to totally revamp my resume and cover letter.
Jimmy testimonial
I have never had such a positive experience with a local service provider.
rachel f
With my reworked CV and cover letter, I am getting a 90% response rate from recruiters.
jeanne a
For a great investment in your future, I highly recommend Paul and Shimmering Resumes!
Maricela testimonial
Paul is a lifesaver.
janet s
Prior to meeting [Paul] I thought I knew about LInkedIn .... but I didn't

Resume Examples, Cover Letter Examples & LinkedIn Profiles

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Finding your ideal job requires more than just a spiffy executive resume template or a few additions to your LinkedIn profile. If you are job hunting and it has been a while since you’ve conducted a job search, then having a strategy is of paramount importance.

Lastly, the job interview is the make or break moment that you earned with the personalized cover letter, professional resume and outstanding LinkedIn profile. You want to shine in a professional interview and prove you are the best job candidate. We can help you from beginning to end. We offer packages of services to support you as well as levels to align with wherever you are in your professional career: Entry Level, Professional, or Executive.

Start by selecting the appropriate career stage above, then select an appropriate package for the depth of service you want. If you have any questions, visit our FAQ or call us on 1-877-796-9737. We want to make job hunting easier.