Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a professional resume service?

A professionally prepared resume will bring you more interviews, and you will find a better, more rewarding job sooner. That’s because a professional resume writer knows how to communicate your value quickly and persuasively to employers. The job search is one of the most important times of your life, and you deserve a professional resume.

Why choose Shimmering Careers?

It is Paul Freiberger’s personal approach that sets Shimmering Careers apart. Paul will work with you one-on-one, tailoring his services to your individual needs. Because he is an award-winning writer, he will create a superior resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile for you. And as a recognized career expert with decades of experience, he can coach you to build a more fulfilling career and negotiate a higher salary.

How does the process work?

After you order, you will hear from us within 1 business day. We will share some questions for you to answer for us. After that, we’ll schedule a one-on-one consultation for you with Paul. After that consultation, your documents will be completed within two weeks. Paul will schedule further consultations with you at that time if you ordered the Elite plan. If you have questions about how the process works, speak with Paul by phoning him directly at 1-877-796-9737 or send him a message.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we do. If you use our resume and cover letter for 60 days without getting a job interview, Paul will rewrite your resume for free, and he will offer you a free consultation to help you with your job search strategy.

What is your success rate?

Since 2005, only a couple of people a year have requested a rewrite of their resume, giving us a success rate of 99.7%. In that time, Paul has helped thousands of people get better jobs, greater fulfillment and higher pay.

Is your service personalized?

Yes, Paul will work directly with you, and he will customize his services to meet your individual needs.

Will you write my documents based only on a questionnaire?

We will provide you some questions to answer, but Paul insists on having a conversation with you before he writes your documents. This consultation gives you the opportunity to tell him anything you feel is important, and Paul the chance to ask you the right questions so that he can show employers why you’re the best candidate.

What services do you offer?

We provide professional resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, and career coaching, job search strategy, job interview preparation and advice on salary negotiation. For companies, we offer a full range of outplacement services.

Do I need to supply a previous resume?

Because each Shimmering Careers resume is created from scratch, it’s okay if you don’t have a previous resume. When you have your initial consultation with Paul, he will gather all the information he needs to write an exceptional resume for you.

I’m ready to get started. What do I do?

Get started right away by clicking here to place your order. If you’re not sure which plan to select, call Paul for help at 1-877-796-9737 or send him a message.

Which level should I select when I order?

We offer three tiers of service based on our clients’ levels of workplace experience. Choose an Entry-level plan if you’re a recent college graduate or have less than 2 years’ workplace experience. Pick a Professional plan if you have already established your career and are ready to advance or change careers. Select an Executive plan if you are a leader such as a Vice President or C-level executive. Still not sure? Call Paul at 1-877-796-9737 or send him a message.

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) and PayPal.

Is your website secure?

Your credit card purchase is secure. Our servers encrypt your personal information, including your name and address, as you proceed through the checkout process. Once you choose a payment method, our partners use the highest level of security to ensure your credit card or payment information is protected.

Are your services tax deductible?

In most cases, career improvement services are tax deductible. There are some exclusions, so you should consult your tax advisor to make sure you qualify.

What is your turnaround time?

Once you’ve had a consultation with Paul, you will receive your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile within two weeks. If you have an urgent need, talk to Paul and he will do his best to meet your deadline. Choose an Elite plan, and Paul will begin working with you on your job search strategy and job interview preparation as soon as your new resume is complete.

Do you have sample resumes I can read?

Yes, Click here to see Paul’s sample resumes.

Do you work with clients everywhere in the US? Outside the US?

Our clients come from all over the United States and around the world.

Where are meetings held?

Paul can meet with you by phone, Zoom, or any other video chat tool.

What industries and professions do you serve?

Since 2005, Paul has helped people in almost every profession, ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs and CFOs to teachers, symphony conductors and computer designers. We serve industries as diverse as finance, sales and marketing, IT, engineering, human resources, administrative services, insurance, hospitality, travel, manufacturing, health and medical, nonprofit, education, skilled trades, construction, property management, legal, government, military, creative, media and entertainment.

Do you work with new graduates?

Yes, Paul has helped many new graduates launch successful, rewarding careers. You can see his Entry-Level services here.

Do you help people returning to work after a break?

Yes, Paul can help with everything from an initial brainstorming session about career options to creating a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile; developing a job search strategy; job interview preparation; and negotiating the highest possible salary.

Will you help me prepare for job interviews?

Our Elite plans include coaching from Paul to perfect your job interview skills and a complimentary copy of his book When Can You Start?, which is filled with insider secrets for acing any job interview.

How often will I get to talk to Paul on the Elite plan?

You can talk to Paul as often as you need on the Elite plan until you secure your next position. Typically, clients meet with Paul on a weekly basis for about a month and then on an as-needed basis, but there is no limit. Whenever you need assistance, Paul will be happy to schedule a time to talk.

How much more money will I get with your salary negotiation help?

It depends on your profession. Paul has helped some clients make twice what they thought they could make. Typically, clients make thousands of dollars, or tens of thousands of dollars, more than they would have without his advice.

Does Paul offer any ala carte services?

Paul does so on a very limited basis. What he’s most often asked to help someone with on an ala carte basis is salary negotiation and interview preparation. Contact Paul directly for an estimate.

I only want a LinkedIn profile. Can you help me?

Yes, we can. Contact Paul directly at 1-877-796-9737 or send him a message to inquire about this specific service.

Do you promise privacy?

Absolutely. We will never share your information with anyone or reveal that we have worked with you, unless you request us to.

How do I order Paul’s books?

You can buy all of Paul Freiberger’s books on Amazon, including his guide to job interview preparation, When Can You Start?

How many versions of my resume will you create?

Up to 5 customized resumes and cover letters are included in the Elite Plan. The Essentials and Premium packages include 1 version.

How many rounds of edits do you provide for a resume?

While most of our clients are happy with the first version of their resume, sometimes perfection needs a little fine tuning. If you're not completely satisfied with your new resume, Paul is happy to work with you for up to 3 revisions in order to ensure you have a document you can be proud of.

How long will you work with me if I purchase the Elite plan?

Paul will work with you until you find your next job whether it takes 6 weeks or even 6 months. However, once you accept a job offer, this plan will end, and you will be offered the opportunity to continue working with Paul on a new 90 Days to a Shimmering Career coaching plan.

How often will I get to talk to Paul?

With any purchase, Paul will meet with you to get to know you and understand your goals in your job search. With the Essentials and Premium plan, Paul will meet with you once. If you invest in the Elite plan, Paul will meet with you on a regular schedule to begin with, then once your job search has attained a desirable rhythm, you are welcome to check in with Paul as often as you need. We highly recommend contacting Paul when it’s time to negotiate a job offer.