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An engineering resume or science resume from Shimmering Careers will: 

  • Appeal to hiring managers and engineering professionals
  • Showcase your technical and scientific expertise 
  • Navigate automatic tracking systems
  • Highlight professional experience and innovation

High Tech Resume Writing Services

Innovation is what you do. You know the value of taking complex projects to completion. We know how to communicate your tangible value.  

When it comes to securing an attractive position, Shimmering Careers can help scientists and engineers during each step of the job search.

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Resume Writing for Engineering Career and Scientist Positions

Electrical Engineering Resumes and Software Engineering Resumes

Our resume and job search strategy experience includes: software (front-end or back-end or embedded software), UX design, SaaS, video, compression, AI and machine learning, and hardware including semiconductors, medical devices, consumer goods, health care, mobile or cloud. Shimmering Careers’ Bay Area resume writing services will highlight your value.

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Professional Engineering Resume Writing Helps You Stand Out in the Job Search

Our winning resumes for scientists and engineers come from years of experience writing about science and technology. We also create scientific resumes for chemists, biologists, medical doctors, geneticists, and physicists. Whichever group you fit in to, you will benefit from our know-how.

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