Join one of Paul's upcoming webinars! He will present you with tips and guidance he usually reserves for private clients. With Paul's help you will improve your job search, networking, use of LinkedIn, interview preparation, and more.

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Your Strategy and Plan for Career Improvement!

Recorded on: Wed, Feb 27, 2019 11:00AM PST

Ready to improve your career? Is this the year to make more money, to chase your dream, to achieve better work-life balance? 

We know how important it is to form a career-development strategy that matches your specific needs. Getting ready for a job search requires preparation. With the right mindset and a clear approach you will succeed.

You can get started with 3 easy steps. Learn them in Shimmering Careers’ upcoming webinar: 

Your Strategy and Plan for Career Improvement

February 27, Wednesday, 11 am - 12 pm (PST)

Here’s your strategy to get your career-improvement plan ready. Are you considering looking for a new job in 2019? Paul Freiberger is an authority on career improvement. Paul will talk about:

Ø The hot fields and jobs in 2019.

Ø How to target a field that is not hot. 

Ø The key actions you must take to make sure you are ready to change jobs.

Career expert, Paul Freiberger, will give you tips learned from his 12+ years of career coaching, resume and LinkedIn Profile writing and job interview preparation. 

Attend Paul’s webinar to learn:

  • How to create your career vision.
  • How to follow through with a career-improvement strategy.
  • How to break down your career-improvement into manageable tasks.

There will also be time for Q & A with Paul following his presentation. 

Sign up now and secure your space.Don’t put off this opportunity to prepare yourself to find your dream job soon!

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