Entry-Level Career ServicesFor new graduates, up to 2 years' experience

Paul Freiberger can help you get noticed by recruiters, ace the interview and set your career on the right trajectory.

Choose from one of these three suites of services, depending on your needs and investment:


Entry-Level Career Services


First, you’ll have a one-on-one discussion with Paul about your background, education, accomplishments, career goals in the short and long term, and your target salary.


You will receive a professional resume that expertly markets you and makes sure you stand out from the rest.

Cover Letter

Paul will write a persuasive cover letter that shows recruiters why they need to pay attention to your resume.



Entry-Level Career Services

LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn Profile

Your new LinkedIn profile will be optimized to attract recruiters trying to fill the type of positions you’re seeking.

LinkedIn Expert Guide

You will receive Paul’s white paper “How to Maximize LinkedIn for Your Job Search”, filled with tips on using LinkedIn for your job search, and keeping your profile up to date.

LinkedIn Pro Videos

You will have access to Paul’s video series on maximizing LinkedIn to build your career.



Entry-Level Career Services

Total Career Management

Career Coaching

You will explore your career goals and begin to work toward achieving them.

Job Search Strategy

Paul will guide you toward the most effective strategy for finding your next great job.

Job Interview Preparation

You will learn how to walk into any interview confident that you’re fully prepared.

Resumes & Cover Letters

Paul will customize your resume and cover letter to target 5 specific job openings

Salary Negotiation Advice

Paul will help you negotiate a higher salary and better benefits.


Smartest Investment.

By helping you earn more, Salary Negotiation Advice should more than pay for the entire Elite package. And by putting you on track to higher-income roles, it could boost your lifetime earnings by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Still can’t decide which package to choose?

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