Salary Negotiation Advice

With Shimmering Careers Salary Negotiation Advice, you will:

  • enter negotiations with a winning strategy
  • know when and how to ask for more money
  • achieve the highest possible salary today
  • achieve even higher salaries in the future

When you select the Elite plan, you’ll have Paul Freiberger’s support at every stage of your job search, which means you’re likely to find a better job faster. And when you do get a job offer, Paul will guide you during salary negotiations to help you get the greatest possible compensation package.

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Know Your Worth

After the initial thrill of receiving a job offer come the hard-to-answer questions: Is the salary offer as high as it should be? Should you ask for more money? When? What about additional benefits? Paul will help you answer these questions and formulate a strategy that will net you the best result.

With access to professional databases that go beyond the free salary calculators most people rely on, Paul can determine how much you should expect to make in a particular job. That way, you are certain to not be undersold.

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Know How to Ask for More

Paul will advise you on the best stage of the negotiations to ask for more money and the most effective way to ask for it. With his guidance, you need never fear that a job offer might slip away because an employer perceives you as unreasonable. Instead, you will be able to negotiate for more than you’re initially offered. It’s almost always the case that Paul helps clients make more than they expected to make.

The Ultimate Career Investment

This one feature of the Elite plan means that your investment in the plan is usually earned back quickly. And the benefits multiply over time: a good job today that pays more leads to a better job tomorrow that pays even more, so in the span of your career, the rewards can be infinite.

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