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Over the past 10 years we’ve written over 3,000 resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles to help professionals reach their dream job and make more money.

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My experience with Shimmering Resumes was exceptional and helped my career.
jen testimonial
The best professional resume service and I’ve used several during my career!
Testimonials Amy
I very much appreciated working with Paul at Shimmering Careers.
Paul wrote the most amazing resume for me and I would recommend him to everyone.
joes testimonial
Job search is a stressful activity and Paul helped me stay calm and focused.
testimonials mark r
Just by answering a few questions and by giving him access to my present resume Paul was able to totally revamp my resume and cover letter.
Jimmy testimonial
I have never had such a positive experience with a local service provider.
rachel f
With my reworked CV and cover letter, I am getting a 90% response rate from recruiters.
jeanne a
For a great investment in your future, I highly recommend Paul and Shimmering Resumes!
Maricela testimonial
Paul is a lifesaver.
janet s
Prior to meeting [Paul] I thought I knew about LInkedIn .... but I didn't

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