Why hire Paul and Shimmering Careers?

1) You’ll Get Interviews.

99% of Shimmering Careers’ clients see an increase in interviews within 30 days. If you don't experience these results, you’ll receive a no-cost follow-up conversation on job search strategy with Paul worth $300. On top of that, he’ll customize your resume once for any job you want to target.

2) You'll work Exclusively with Paul to get a better job.

Paul’s clients value his expertise and passion for their search, be it for job improvement or career change.

3) Your Age or Career Gap Needn't Stop You.

Paul is a specialist at working with people returning to the workforce after a pause and helping those over 50 (or 60) doing a job search.

4) Far More than an Edit of Your Resume.

Paul starts from scratch to understand your needs and develops a personalized, custom resume to target the job of your dreams or simply a better job and higher-paying job.

5) Documents that Convince People and Machines.

Paul is an award-winning writer. Your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile will showcase your value at a glance. And they will help get you through automated screeners, too. You will get noticed!

6) Earn More Money.

Most of Paul’s clients get a better job that pays them more than they would get on their own thanks to his expert salary negotiation strategies.

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Paul Freiberger

Career Coaching Expert, Award-Winning Author, Ex-McKinsey & Company

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Over the past 14 years we’ve written over 4,500 resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles to help professionals reach their dream job and make more money.

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My experience with Shimmering Resumes was exceptional and helped my career.
jen testimonial
The best professional resume service and I’ve used several during my career!
Testimonials Amy
I very much appreciated working with Paul at Shimmering Careers.
Paul wrote the most amazing resume for me and I would recommend him to everyone.
joes testimonial
Job search is a stressful activity and Paul helped me stay calm and focused.
testimonials mark r
Just by answering a few questions and by giving him access to my present resume Paul was able to totally revamp my resume and cover letter.
Jimmy testimonial
I have never had such a positive experience with a local service provider.
rachel f
With my reworked CV and cover letter, I am getting a 90% response rate from recruiters.
jeanne a
For a great investment in your future, I highly recommend Paul and Shimmering Resumes!
Maricela testimonial
Paul is a lifesaver.
janet s
Prior to meeting [Paul] I thought I knew about LInkedIn .... but I didn't

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We overcome the software filter to get your resume in front
of human eyes.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) evaluates and filters submitted resumes looking for strong matches. It's Goal is to save employer's time. If your resume doesn't line up, your chances of securing an interview drop to almost zero. We have the cure! We use software to analyse your resume and then optimize it for the job you are targeting. With our help the ATS will get you an interview, not hold you back.

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90 Days to a Shimmering Career

The first 90 days are a make or break proposition

Getting the job is a wonderful feeling. After all that stress, preparation and hard work of the search, you’ve reached your goal. Congratulations!

But this is no time to rest on your laurels, so take a deep breath and get ready to hit the ground running. Your early days in the new job are critically important to your career. The first 90 days are a make or break proposition.

Why is 90 days the magic number?

When you were preparing for interviews, you undoubtedly gave some thought to the importance of that crucial first impression.