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90 Days to a Shimmering Career

The first 90 days are a make or break proposition

Getting the job is a wonderful feeling. After all that stress, preparation and hard work of the search, you’ve reached your goal. Congratulations!

But this is no time to rest on your laurels, so take a deep breath and get ready to hit the ground running. Your early days in the new job are critically important to your career. The first 90 days are a make or break proposition.

Why is 90 days the magic number?

When you were preparing for interviews, you undoubtedly gave some thought to the importance of that crucial first impression.

What was true then is true now. Your boss, your reports and everyone you deal with are going to form opinions, and they’re going to form them fast. Furthermore, those opinions can be hard to change once they start to form. You can’t afford to leave any of that to chance.

And you don’t have to. There are proven strategies that will put you in control of the impression you make. The right reputation, built on competence and credibility, will stick to you. The wrong reputation will be just as hard to shake. The good news is that you can control the process and succeed, following our proven process

We will help you focus on these critical areas for your success:

1. Establishing your internal network.

2. Getting quick wins on the job.

3. Managing your professional brand.

4. Aligning with your leader.

5. Developing a breakthrough idea

If you are ready to create a greater sense of certainty that your new job will go well, let's talk about a coaching plan for you. The first conversation is complimentary and you'll get something out of it just by talking with me. Email me (Paul@ShimmeringCareers.com) or click here to go to my contact form to send me a message requesting an initial conversation about your new job.