Job Interview Coaching

With job interview coaching from Shimmering Careers, you will be able to:

  • answer any question thrown at you
  • stay poised under pressure
  • turn interviews to your advantage
  • prove you’re the best candidate

Job interview coaching at Shimmering Careers begins with a series of one-on-one sessions with Paul Freiberger, the award-winning author of the interview-preparation classic When Can You Start? Ace the Job Interview and Get Hired. In these sessions, you will master advanced interviewing skills you can put to use now and for the rest of your career to ace any interview.

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Learn Lifelong Interview Skills

You will come out of your coaching sessions with a deep understanding of:

  • the one question you must be able to answer for a successful interview
  • other questions you’re likely to be asked
  • how to answer oddball or “trick” questions
  • what you should never tell interviewers about your weaknesses
  • the smart way to respond when asked “Do you have any questions?”
  • special tips for panel, phone and online interviews
  • dress and body language cues that guarantee you appear alert, engaged and professional
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Be Prepared

Another core skill you’ll hone during job interview coaching is how to prepare for any interview. Paul will help you develop a personalized process you can use to get ready for interviews. Then he will lead you through mock interviews, helping you improve your presentation skills and perfect your answers to the questions you’re likely to be asked.

Continually Improve

As you go to interviews, you will have the chance to debrief with Paul so you can fine-tune your interview strategies. If new, unexpected questions arise in interviews, Paul will help you formulate effective answers for the future. You will look at where you succeeded and where you could have done better, and work on ways to perfect your performance. The confidence you gain by working with Paul will shine through in interviews, giving you an edge even before the first question.

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