New Year's Ascent: Shimmering Careers in Leonardo's Light

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

As the new year unfolds its light,
Envision careers in Leonardo's sight,
Data Scientists, crafting art,
In tech's canvas, play your part,
In a future ever so bright.

Guardians of cyberspace, with care,
Secure our data, rare and fair,
UX Designers weave the thread,
Where digital dreams are bred,
In realms of virtual flair.

In labs, Biotech researchers toil,
Planting seeds in fertile soil,
Sustainability stewards, with green intent,
On Earth's future, they're hell-bent,
In a world that's in a coil.

As a career coach, my role I see,
Guiding science and tech job seekers to victory,
With resumes polished bright,
And counsel to ignite,
Their path to success, with glee.

A forest path with rays of sun shining from around the turn

As we step into twenty-twenty-four,
May each shimmering career soar,
With Leonardo’s genius near and dear,
A Happy New Year to job seekers here,
To a future of triumphs, let’s explore.

So raise your gaze to the starlit sphere,

In Leonardo’s light, your path is clear,

Embrace the canvas of the year,

With dreams and talents, persevere.


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