Time to Polish Your Cloud Skills for Today’s Job Market

Photo by sendi gibran on Unsplash

There’s a critical shortage right now that is holding up many cloud and edge computing initiatives. No, I’m not talking about supply-chain problems leading to a temporary shortage of some materials. I’m talking about the shortage of talent.

In 2017, Gartner predicted that half of all companies worldwide would adopt an all-in cloud strategy by 2021. It hasn’t happened.

Wait, that’s not quite right. Companies are adopting cloud strategies; they are just not following through on them. It’s not that these organizations don’t want to move to the cloud. They’re ready and eager to do so. But their plans are being frustrated.

According to a more recent Gartner study (“2021-2023 Emerging Technology Roadmap”) of over 400 firms, the lack of certain critical skills is hindering deployment of these cloud solutions.

In their survey, IT executives pinpointed the difficulty of finding employees with the right skills as the largest barrier to implementing new cloud technologies already budgeted, planned, and waiting to deploy.

Cloud-based database, analytics, containers, and machine learning projects are often on hold, held up by the lack of the skilled people to carry them out.

The bottom line is that there is a cloud skills shortage and it poses risks to companies wanting to embrace cloud computing and in need of skilled people to do it. The problem these firms face is that they are all competing for the same talent, and the talent supply is smaller than the demand.

The opportunity in this, for you, is to be the solution to a firm’s cloud talent problem.

Do you have any of these in-demand skills?

Assorted Source Code

Cloud Security

Cloud Migration

Cloud Adoption

Cloud Optimization

Cloud Applications

Serverless Architecture

Container Database skills



Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

If you have these skills, consider playing them up in job interviews. If you don’t, these are skills that could benefit you in the near future to add to your portfolio.

Granted, learning new skills takes effort. You have to decide for yourself if that effort is a good investment of your time.

But when you can identify particular skills that are currently in demand, and when those skills also happen to be a good fit for your background and interests, the payoff can truly be worth the effort.


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