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How to Negotiate Your Salary

Negotiating salary tips from a Bay Area career management specialist.

As a marketplace paradigm, the bazaar has never met with much enthusiasm in the United States. Few people relish the prospect of a protracted negotiation, a distaste that may help explain our aversion to car dealers’ showrooms. Negotiating a salary is a prime example of an activity that makes many ...

Salary Negotiation Advice: How to Use Good Timing When Negotiating the Best Deal


The first salary negotiation tip has to do with timing. When should you do it? To everything, there is a season. The aphorism applies to matters both great and small and there is a right time and a wrong time for even the most mundane act. If Ecclesiastes were written ...

Ready to Ask for a Raise? Don’t Sell Yourself Short. Attend the Shimmering Careers Webinar

Are You Considering Salary Negotiation with Your Bay Area Employer?What if you could make more money and get better benefits? Would you look for a new job? Not always. There’s more to a job than salary. But what if you could make more money without changing jobs? Who ...

Salary Negotiation Tips: How to Ask for a Raise and Get It

Bay Area Salary Negotiation Advice

Bay Area Salary Negotiation and Career Coaching Expert's AdviceMaking sure you are compensated fairly for your hard work is essential in the employment marketplace. Asking for a raise, however, can be intimidating. Establishing a game plan before you head to your supervisor’s office can help you approach salary ...

What you should expect in a job offer

Job Offer

What to do before accepting the job You’ve run the gauntlet of the job search and come out in one piece. In fact, everything has gone so well that an offer is on the way. All that’s needed is the quick finalization of a few details, and you ...

Answering the Salary Question: How much do you need to make?


When you have to include a salaryOne of the more delicate questions for job applicants, and the one that attracts conflicted opinions from the experts, is the one posed by job postings that require applicants to specify their desired salaries.When that happens, the applicant’s dilemma is all too ...

How Far Back in My Career Should a Resume Go?


How far back is too far back when it comes to describing job experience on your resume?This question occurs to me today because I’ve seen too many talented, experienced professionals lose their jobs over the past year -- a consequence of the pandemic. People who didn’t need to ...

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