Ready to Ask for a Raise? Don’t Sell Yourself Short. Attend the Shimmering Careers Webinar

Are You Considering Salary Negotiation with Your Bay Area Employer?

What if you could make more money and get better benefits? Would you look for a new job? Not always. There’s more to a job than salary. But what if you could make more money without changing jobs? Who wouldn’t like a bigger paycheck? Chances are you want a raise. Salaries have not been increasing, and this fact has prevented the sort of economic growth many have expected. This may be the perfect time for you to consider salary negotiation and seek a raise. Attend my Shimmering Careers free webinar, Ready to Ask for a Raise? 

As an authority on career management and improvement, I help my clients negotiate their initial salary. If you are interviewing for a job or trying to get a raise, your thoughts run along similar lines. You’re thinking about how to make more money. That’s the subject of my upcoming webinar. 

Here are some questions you may be thinking about: Do you find it difficult to decide when to ask for a raise? Are you getting paid what you’re worth? What are three things (or more) that you should avoid saying when asking for a raise? 

Attend the Shimmering Careers webinar, Ready to Ask for a Raise? and I’ll provide you with answers that can help you make more money and understand whether you should stand pat, consider salary negotiation, or consider looking for a new job. 

Your thinking may run along the following lines: “The job market has been horrible for years. Employers hold all the cards.” Not so. Not today. Back during the recession you may have interviewed and priced yourself too low, thus communicating that you don’t have great value. Times change. 

What are you worth to employers? The answer to this question may differ considerably from what a company is willing to pay you. But your job and your approach to your job may help align these numbers more favorably for you. 

When you got hired, the economic situation was probably quite different from today’s. In a near-full-employment economy it’s simpler to have a job search strategy that includes obtaining maximum value for your ability. 

Perhaps you took a job and tried to maximize the value for the position, rather than selecting a position that offers the greatest long-term value for you. Again, your situation has changed and the way to resolve it may be to obtain a raise.

Career Coaching Will Help You Decide When and How to Navigate Bay Area Salary Negotiation

I don’t expect to help you love to talk about money with your manager. But I can make you do it more successfully, in a more timely fashion, and in a way that will change your career for the better for years to come. I look forward to talking to you at my upcoming webinar. You may find that you are ready to negotiate your salary and ask for a raise.


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