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Facebook Proves that It's Less than Six Degrees to a Job Connection

Attention job seekers: The world is smaller than we thought, according to research published by Facebook and the University of Milan, which also provides a twist on the theory, “Six Degrees of Separation,” published in 1967.At last, there’s some science behind job networking. This theory, based on a ...

Unlocking LinkedIn Guidelines: Making the Most of It

LinkedIn Lock

LinkedIn can be an invaluable networking resource, and I urge my resume clients to use it. It’s becoming as important as the resume. But it won't be able to help you automatically simply by signing up and creating a profile.  I see a lot of people who understand ...

Why Your LinkedIn Profile Matters


Of all the venues that make up the online social network, LinkedIn stands out as the site most dedicated to career issues. Other sites, including Facebook, have some career utility, but those destinations mix business with pleasure in a way that has never been part of LinkedIn’s identity. One ...

Essential LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers


LinkedIn can be astoundingly useful. However, it is not enough to create a profile and sit back and watch the contacts come pouring in. LinkedIn is not a passive activity. To get the most out it, make sure you take the following steps:1) Have a 100 percent complete active ...

Jobseekers: Protect Your LinkedIn Data Soon


LinkedIn is revising its user interface. The modified design could impact your data if you don’t take action. But don’t worry. You can avoid trouble if you follow the instructions in this article. Here is an official email from LinkedIn regarding the removal of the Notes and Tags ...

Career Benefits of Volunteering


How Good Deeds Help Your Cause, Boost Your Skills and Add a Spark to Your LinkedIn Profile Volunteer work often involves skills and responsibilities that translate nicely to the workplace, but people tend to neglect those activities and say “it wasn’t a real job.” Volunteering as a Big Brother ...

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