Last Minute Tips for Your Job Interview

Last Minute Cartoon. Job Interview Tips.

You should feel proud of yourself that you’ve gotten an interview. In the current economic climate all facets of the job search have gotten tougher. You have used your resume and good sense to earn an interview. It’s coming up soon so what should you do? It’s a lot about common sense:  Wear the right clothes and show your energy and desire. You want the job and you need to demonstrate that you are qualified. This is not about you. It is all about the employer. Do your best and you just might land the job you want.

Remember to show your sincere interest and your abilities. True passion is a hard thing to fake. When it’s real, however, and you’re truly passionate and legitimately engaged, people notice. Once they notice, they respond.

-        Dress well. Better too dressy than not.  It’s all about showing that you care and that you are a professional.  Wear a business suit or a skirt and a jacket with a nice pair of shoes.

-        Bring copies of your resume just in case they ask you for them. Remember to print out several copies and place them in a folder in your brief case. One staple in the left hand corner.

-        Arrive early so you can avoid the stress of worrying about being on time. Enter just a few minutes early so you don’t look desperate.

-        If you interview with more than one person, remember that each person deserves your best. Don’t let yourself get tired. Keep up the energy.

-        Stay calm and focused during the interview. Make your case: Explain why you are qualified and how your experience will allow you to help the company.

-        Don’t let the interview coax you into apologizing about any weaknesses. Stick to your strengths.

Remember that every interview is a rehearsal for the next one. And, one of these interviews will land you the job.


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