Pawsitive Job Search Vibes

Photo by Tamas Pap on Unsplash

I’ve seen all sorts of creative ways people try to get ahead in their job search. I’ve seen people dive into unusual hobbies like beekeeping, volunteering in their community to meet new people, and even studying a new language to stand out to employers.

One of the most heartwarming ways I’ve seen is involving a pet, especially a dog.

Meeting others at pet-friendly events can lead to chats about all sorts of things, including job opportunities.

Taking care of a dog helps build a daily routine, which is healthy when you’re job hunting. And having a dog around can help ease the stress of a job search.

Sharing pictures with your dog on social media can show you’re a positive person. It’s always smart to stay away from negative communication online during a job search. Who doesn’t like a good dog photo? It can create a friendly image that might even catch the eye of an employer or spark a conversation in an interview.


When you're searching for a job, it can be important to explore all the potential avenues. If you need assistance brainstorming the pawsibilities, or crafting the purrfect resume to kick-start your search, Shimmering Careers provides a variety of resume, cover letter, and coaching packages to fit your needs.


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