Should You Add a Dash of Rizz to Your Resume?

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Ah, the ever-evolving English language! Just when you thought your resume was polished to perfection with action verbs and quantifiable achievements, along comes "rizz" – the Oxford Word of the Year for 2023, originally coined by a Twitch streamer.

For those of you who've been too busy tailoring your cover letters to keep up with Gen Z lingo, "rizz" refers to an individual's style, charm, or attractiveness, particularly in the context of wooing romantic interests.

But the burning question in the professional world is: Should "rizz" make its way onto your resume?

The Rizz-ume Revolution

Imagine the scene: You're sitting in front of a hiring manager, and they're perusing your resume. They've seen your proficiency in Excel, your mastery of project management.

Then their eyes land on "Highly skilled in rizz." Pause. Eyebrows raise.

Congratulations, you've just become the most memorable candidate of the day – for better or for worse.

To Rizz or Not to Rizz

Let's weigh our options. On one hand, showcasing your "rizz" could signal confidence, uniqueness, and perhaps a finger firmly on the pulse of modern culture. It’s like bringing a kazoo to a symphony. It could make you the star of the show or leave you as the big disruptor. Risky, or potentially rewarding?

There’s a fine line between standing out and sticking out like a sore thumb.

Person sitting facing away from the camera, with "CHARISMA" on their shirt

Remember, not every hiring manager might be up to date with the latest slang, and you run the risk of your resume rizz-ling into obscurity or, worse, the rejection pile.

The Rizz Factor in Interviews

But what about job interviews? Here's where your "rizz" might subtly shine. While we wouldn't recommend explicitly stating, "I have great rizz" (unless you're interviewing for a position as a Gen Z culture consultant), embodying the essence of the word – confidence, charm, and a hint of charisma – could make a world of difference. It's about showing, not telling.

For example, The interviewer asks the applicants to discuss one of their strengths.

Applicant A: "I have a fantastic sense of humor."

Applicant B: "Well, I once told a joke so funny that even Siri couldn't stop laughing.”

See the problem? Applicant A, confidently claiming their fantastic sense of humor in their interview. Meanwhile, Applicant B might actually get a laugh without claiming to be funny.

Saying you have a sense of humor is like claiming you're the world's greatest yo-yo enthusiast – we need to see some tricks!

Rizz: The Verdict

As a professional resume writer, I suggest: Know your audience. If you're applying to a young, hip startup where the CEO hosts meetings on bean bags, a little rizz-flair might just work in your favor.

In more traditional fields? Perhaps keep your rizz in check – at least on paper.

So, while "rizz" might be the linguistic trend of the moment, the timeless classics of clarity, professionalism, and tailored skills still reign supreme in the resume realm.


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