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Answering the Salary Question: How much do you need to make?


When you have to include a salaryOne of the more delicate questions for job applicants, and the one that attracts conflicted opinions from the experts, is the one posed by job postings that require applicants to specify their desired salaries.When that happens, the applicant’s dilemma is all too ...

You’re Hired! And then Along Comes Another Offer

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Can you and should you back out of a job offer?If you’ve accepted a job offer, what should you do if other opportunities then present themselves?I’m a firm believer in keeping your job options open until the day that you actually start work. Things can fall ...

When is Your Resume Worth a Million Dollars?

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What’s a resume worth? It’s just a piece of paper, after all, with a minuscule amount of toner attached, and it can’t be worth more than a penny or so. Perhaps it’s worth two cents if the paper is fancy enough. In reality, though, a resume ...

Some Real Rules of the Modern Resume Game


Before analyzing the details of state of the art resume building, a bit of context is in order. As a job applicant you need to know how the process really works to gauge your perfect resume’s chance of success.Let’s take a quick quiz.True or false?1 ...

Engineering Skills in the Job Search: Leonardo’s Resume, Tools for Greatness, and Career Improvement


At first glance, an engineer in the job market looks like a fish out of water. After all, the job market is all about selling – selling yourself to prospective employers – and that’s not a conventional engineering strength. Sales skills aren’t part of the engineering curriculum. As a result ...

Having a Hard Time? Don’t Compare Yourself to Others During Your Job Search


You know someone who found a great job in a week. But you’ve been looking for the last six months. What’s wrong with you? Chances are, nothing. It’s entirely possible that your strategy needs help, but that’s why there is help here, and of course, not ...

Tips for Responding to Illegal or Inappropriate Job Interview Questions

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As you might expect, not all interviewers have taken the time to parse the regulations that govern their behavior. Most of them have the obvious missteps under control, so you are unlikely to find interviewers asking direct questions about your racial identity or religious affiliation.That leaves plenty of room ...

Who Moved Your Parachute? Job Search Advice from the Trenches

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My conclusions about job search strategies come from years of experience with hiring managers, HR professionals, recruiters and from my own career changes: journalist to project manager to researcher to author to communications professional. They are conclusions drawn from years of helping applicants—at every level and in many different ...

The Black Hole in the Hiring Galaxy

The Only Job Search Guide You'll Ever Need

Why do you receive no response at all when you apply? One part of the job search that almost all applicants find brutally frustrating is the failure of employers to offer any response at all. As it turns out, that failure doesn’t just happen at the beginning of the ...

Complementary Skills Matter in the Job Search

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Provide Extra Skills in your Resume to Impress No matter how great you are, you want to get better. Improving is key to a successful career. Learning new skills is an essential part of improvement. Want some proof? Ben Franklin was always learning and taught himself Italian, French and Latin ...

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