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Robots, AI, and Pandemic Recovery: Analyzing your Future in the Changing Job Market

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If you’d had a reasonably accurate crystal ball at the start of the Covid pandemic, you might have been able to foresee some things: - that people would end up wearing masks in a variety of situations, - that some businesses would be hard hit because they relied on close personal ...

The Recovery and Its New Job Market

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How is Your Career Journey Changing?When it comes to economic recoveries, one of these things is not like the others. And the recovery that’s happening right now is different from what’s come before, with some of those differences involving some unsettling changes to the job market.It ...

Remote Work, Present and Future

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What Does it Mean for You?When the pandemic started, there was a general sense that major changes would be short-lived. Schools might have to close for a month or two. Masks might be necessary for a little while, and we’d have to keep our social distance and restrain ...

Analyzing the Pandemic’s Changing Job Scene

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It has never been easier to start a fight. Whether it’s masks or vaccines or school openings or elections or climate change or a hundred other hot-button topics, people everywhere are ready to disagree about almost anything.But I’m here to save the day, to come to the ...

Vaccines and Work Trends


Vaccines are having a major impact as economies reopen. For all of us, especially for someone in my position as a career coach, it’s worth looking at what the world of work will look like as we move ahead. Whether you’re a job seeker, an employee, or an ...

How to Turn Down a Job Offer


A client turned down an offer a few years ago at one of Silicon Valley’s favorite employers, only to get recruited and accept a better position at that same company recently. Saying “no” the right way prevented her from burning bridges and led to a great opportunity.If you ...

Thanks from the Start


What is the best time to say thank you for a job interview? You may be surprised.Of course, you conclude a job interview by thanking the interviewer for their time and interest. And you also know the importance of following up quickly with a thank you email or snail ...

Remember the Job Description? Time for Another Look


As you get ready for your interview, research into the company and industry can give you a powerful way to set yourself apart from the competition. But there’s one more thing to do that can be the icing on the cake. When the job opening was posted, there was ...

What is Your Job Interviewer Thinking?


It would certainly be useful, to say the least, if we knew. What questions were coming? What were the best answers to those questions? And what did they think were the best questions for the interviewee to be asking? If only we knew all that.But we can’t read ...

Basic Tips for Writing and Editing Your Resume


My message today is short but important. The language choices you make in your resume matter. Why? Along with a cover letter, your resume makes your first impression. It should communicate your professionalism. If you aren’t careful, you can blur a vital point or sabotage your resume in other ...

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