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The Process Centered Resume


Showing that You Excel at Lean-Agile, and Continuous ImprovementOver the years, I’ve focused much resume-writing advice on the notion that the best way for your resume to tell your story is through quantifiable accomplishments. Putting your achievements into numbers makes it easy for hiring managers to understand how, when ...

Rules for the Phone Interview


How to prepare for the phone interview“Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life.”- Gregory MaguireWhen the job market gets tough, employers look for ways to weed out as many applicants as possible with the least possible expenditure of time and effort. While the employers’ approach ...

Revealing the Secrets of Networking for Job Seekers


Networking Tips that WorkOutside of keeping a positive attitude, networking is the most common tip given to job seekers. Do it well to gain referrals, leads, and advice. With hundreds of books, and countless blog posts, dedicated to networking, you’d think this topic would be easy for most to ...

How to Manage a Key Job Interview Question


"What's Your Management Style?"If you’re applying for a job in management, you’re bound to be asked one fundamental question: “What’s your management style?” It’s not necessarily a good question, but it’s an almost inevitable question when the job entails managing.If the question is ...

Job Search Help Can Get Results During Holiday Season


Companies really do hire employees between Thanksgiving and mid-January. There are a number of reasons why November, December, or January could be luckiest months in the job search for you. You should not pause your job search during the holiday months. Use the holiday season to improve your job search ...

The Best Way to Follow Up After the Job Interview


Your resume worked. Your interview preparation put you in contention for the job. What next? What are the rules for following up after a job interview?If you halt your efforts to reach an employer after interviewing, you may undo much of what you have accomplished so far.There’s ...

Hurdling a Major Career Roadblock:


How to Use Your Resume and Cover Letter to Navigate Gaps in Your ResumeFor special situations, such as gaps in your career or frequent moves from one job to another, your resume and cover letter have to work overtime.You have to handle your resume in the right way, and ...

Overcoming Ageism in the Job Search and in the Job Interview


Many of my clients ask what to do about age discrimination during the job search. The plain truth is if you’re waiting for ageism to disappear from the job market, one thing is certain: However old you are, you’ll grow much older waiting.Age-based discrimination may be illegal ...

Information Station

SC Infograph Info Interview webinar.jpg

Make Informational Interviews Help Your Job SearchResearch and networking complement each other in your job search. One under-used strategy takes advantage of that overlap and should be part of every applicant’s arsenal: the informational interview.Despite its value, the informational interview has become the poor relation in the family ...

6 Things You Should Do On the First Day of A New Job (and Every Day After That)


No matter the type of company, there are certain fundamental things you need to get right in the workplace to ensure success:1) Show up. As writer Regina Brett once said, “Most of life is showing up.” You can argue with the how much of life is showing up, but ...

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