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The Job Interview’s Best Supporting Actor is Your Resume

Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

Your resume is the best supporting actor in your interview presentation for several reasons. But here I have a chance to emphasize the single thing that’s most important in eliciting the performance of a lifetime from that supporting actor. It’s a resume tip that bears repeating, especially because ...

I (don’t) Have a Dream (job)

Photo by carolyn christine on Unsplash

In the first part of my job interview course, The Expert Guide to Job Interviews, part of my focus is on figuring out your overarching career goals as a fundamental first step in interview preparation. The basic idea is simple, though it’s often neglected: It really helps to have ...

Time to Polish Your Cloud Skills for Today’s Job Market

Photo by sendi gibran on Unsplash

There’s a critical shortage right now that is holding up many cloud and edge computing initiatives. No, I’m not talking about supply-chain problems leading to a temporary shortage of some materials. I’m talking about the shortage of talent. In 2017, Gartner predicted that half of all companies ...

Sell Skills in the Job Interview - Even if You Don’t Have Them All

Cookie the Pom with glasses

There’s a skills gap in today’s mid-pandemic job market. Companies are struggling to attract applicants who have the skills they need. If you keep that situation in mind, there are ways to use the skills gap to your benefit in a job interview. You can also gain some ...

Employee Opportunities for You in the Great Resignation

Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

What does the “Great Resignation” mean to employees, the people who have remained in their jobs but who may be thinking of greener pastures?More and more employees are in that position, as the Great Resignation shows no sign of abating. In September, 4.4 million people quit, setting a ...

Managing to Thrive: How Good Management Matters in the Changing Job Market

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Has Covid changed things in the job market?Yes, that market has changed, and on its face, that’s a question that barely needs to be asked. It’s beyond obvious that the job market is different than it was before the pandemic, but I have a slightly different take ...

Tips to Ace a Remote Interview

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

I recently shared a bevy of tips about making your resume remote-friendly by adapting it to a new world of fully remote or hybrid workplaces. Those workplace arrangements were once the exception; now they’re more or less the rule.Of course, your resume is not the end of the ...

Ten Tips for a Remote-Ready Resume

Photo by Kornél Máhl on Unsplash

In today’s Covid-preoccupied working environment, offices are still very much on the remote bandwagon. The old days, “good” old days or not, have been slow to return, and there’s a great deal of skepticism that they ever truly will.That skepticism is partly driven by the fact that ...

Can You Expect a Pandemic Office Return? Not So Fast


In March of 2020, the Covid pandemic was just starting to pick up steam. It wasn’t clear then how bad it might get, but it’s fair to say that most people, experts included, would have predicted that we’d be back at the office and back to something ...

The Pandemic’s Impact on Boomers: A Demographic Crossroad


In the middle of the Covid pandemic, there was a demographic turning point that snuck in under the radar and got little notice, but it’s a change that comes with far-reaching consequences for careers and for the job market.Here’s what happened: For the first time, the number ...

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