5 Rules of Resume Content: B.R.A.T.S.


No, I’m not referring to sausages.


We’re all our own brands. In reality, the notion of personal branding is not so new. At one time, you had an image. Now, you have a brand. The real difference is the multiplicity of places, many of them online, in which your brand reveals itself to the world. Your resume is part of that brand, and it should do its part to enhance the whole picture.


Employers only care about your history, your skills, and your abilities for one reason: Will those qualities help us to achieve the results we want? That’s the question a good resume answers. It’s the resume’s inherent theme: Hire me because I will do good things for this organization.


To that end, nothing says “I will get results” better than a history of getting results. The essence of your resume is not the responsibilities you had; the essence is what you achieved. Consider opening with a short summary of the value you bring, and a bulleted list of achievements. Each one should speak to the company in question.


Employers don’t keep their needs secret. Job postings tell you what they want, whether it’s a certain amount of experience, a specific qualification, a particular skill, or a more general quality they’re seeking. Pay attention. Your resume should track the posting. Be sure that your resume clearly points to relevant experience you’ve had. As long as your resume responds to the very explicit needs that the employer deems important, you stand a very good chance of hitting any keywords that may be in use.


Resume Organization

Of the five rules that govern resume content, one wins the prizes for most important and, at the same time, most often overlooked: Be specific – about achievements, with the help of numbers when you can. And be specific about the job you want. Employers are looking for focus.

If you need assistance with B.R.A.T.S., or any part of your resume creation or job search, I look forward to helping you succeed.


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