Job Search: Don't Give Up

Don't give up

It's easy to avoid the job search. It's tough to take action, but doing so gives you the opportunity to improve your situation. Set aside the excuses, of which there are many. The best way to job search is to be: 1) patient and 2) relentless. 

These days, it's easy to feel defeated. But there are still jobs, from New York to Los Angeles. From Minneapolis to Miami. You only need one of them. 

So get started. Polish your resume. Then make a pact with yourself. Take a few small steps. Set realistic goals. Don't tell yourself to make dozens of networking calls each day. Don't promise to apply for dozens of positions. But make a commitment to take at least two steps a day toward a new job. 

Improving the resume is one example. Organize a list of companies that have positions in your field. Create a list of people you should contact. Make a phone call to one of these people and arrange to meet. You don't have to do all of these things. Start with one. 

Build the process. Keep track of what you do and the results you get. See if one step can naturally lead you to another. For example, once you have a new resume you should make a point to start sending it out. 

There will be rejections and frustration. When it happens be relentless and take at least one step in the right direction.


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