How to Conclude Your Cover Letter

The best cover letter advice and check list must include tips about how to conclude your cover letter, not just how to begin it. Your letter should entice the reader to examine your resume immediately, before moving on to the next applicant's. The ideal professional cover letter should end on a high note while subtly asking for an interview. 

Rather than summarizing your resume, your cover letter should highlight your key qualifications. It should end with either a promise to contact the hiring manager to set up an interview, or an invitation to get in touch with you. If your letter is sufficiently appealing, the contact invitation will merely be icing on the cake. 

Whether you invite the reader to call you for an interview or commit to making contact, consider including your phone number in the last sentence of your cover letter. In addition to placing your contact information at the top of the page, putting your number at the end of the letter is a call to action. Alternatively, remind the reader to contact you at your contact information listed above.

Promise and Deliver

Promising to call for an interview appointment demonstrates ambition and assertiveness, as well as a strong desire to win the position. It also relieves some of the burden for the hiring manager, who likely has many phone calls to make in addition to reading resumes and conducting interviews. 

If you are unable to obtain the name of and contact information for the person doing the hiring, your job will be much more difficult. In this case, your only option is to use the address to which you sent your resume. Mark your calendar as a reminder of your promised call for an interview.

Succinct and Active Voice

Even if you aren't comfortable with this level of assertiveness, be sure to indicate that you look forward to meeting with the person reading your letter. Be sure to use the active voice, and keep your concluding paragraph at four sentences or less. 

Be sure to include any specifics requested in the job posting. Some employers, for example, ask for salary requirements in the last paragraph of the cover letter. Of course, remember to express your gratitude for the reader's attention. If writing a cover letter is unsettling for you, don't hesitate to call on a professional resume writing service. These businesses can also usually handle preparing cover letters for you, also.

If you need an experienced resume writer and career coach to help you advance to the next level, I can help you craft a game plan and a resume to get you to your goal.


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