Engineer Resume Writing Tips

Sure you want to include specifics about your technical expertise: hardware, software, networking protocols, programming languages, Web and database tools, among others. No doubt. But I've found engineers typically leave out the essential piece that needs to be in resumes of all sorts: Accomplishments!

How did you use these tools to make a difference to the company? How did you help improve productivity and quality with your selection of tools, or, with your implementation or supervision of others? A resume also helps you organize yourself and see the full picture of your accomplishments and abilities. Most people take them for granted and may not have them uppermost in their mind at an interview. A resume crystallizes them.

Go back through past jobs, highlight accomplishments that are relevant to the employer, and prune back those that aren’t. Highlight your accomplishments, not your titles and duties. Why? Anyone can warm a chair. And many people carry out their duties in a perfectly respectable way. But you are competing and you must stand above others. Make your resume Shimmer!


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