A Sneaky, Successful Way to Job Search

Dear Paul, I've heard that the best way to look for a job is while you are working. What does this mean? - Marc L.

Marc, Great question. Let me tell you about one such technique that can extremely useful. You should get it going right away. Online networking sites have been around for ages. They connect and reconnect individuals within a vast array of fields throughout the world, and also provide the perfect breeding grounds for job inquiries. Since much of job searching involves who you know – in addition to what you know – the opportunities social networking sites create can be invaluable. An upside to membership within these sites is the informal way in which companies shop for new employees. Rather than alert your current employer to your interest in other opportunities, membership in a networking site can be seen as simply good business.

Another bonus to membership within social networking sites is the boost it gives a resume. That extra dedication to a group affiliated with your field can be just what an employer needs to see to hire you over another candidate. At the very least, it shows an interest in the field beyond just showing up for work and leaving at the end of the day. So look around for some social networking sites; you may be surprised by the number of people in your field on them. Many people leave these resources untapped, but it would be a mistake not to explore their usefulness. If anything, they might make the daily grind a little less harrowing and give your morale a bit of an upshift.

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